A walk trough flavors and tales, discovering traditions and sights of a unique city. A  realized by putting together high level Cuisine’s locations and prime examples frames of the history of a two thousands year’s old city.

Four tastings stops, from the typical Turin’s aperitif to the coffee, with courses strongly connected to the tradition of the visited sights. The EatinTOur ® idea was born from the desire to create a synergy between Turin’s historical, architectural and food excellence.

The itinerary runs through the hearth of the city with departure from piazza Castello just in front of Palazzo Madama. The tour includes four tasting stops in order to create an itinerant menu from aperitif to coffee, in four different locations selected for their quality, gastronomic tradition and historical relevance. Between a typical course and the other the traveler will be guided along the streets of the city’s historic district in a cultural and gastronomical experience, savoring the art of good cuisine arm in arm with the majestic frame of Turin’s most significant sights: a tour that caresses all the senses.

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