Enjoy this walking tour in Turin’s historical city center and discover the history of the city via the iconic sights characterizing it. Thanks to this itinerary you’ll get to know unusual and unknown places, real secret shrines testifying the magnificence of the antique Royal city.

Positioned in the geographical center of the city, the Royal Palace was the imposing headquarter of Savoy’s Dukes. The original furniture are an emblematic display of richness and fantasy, with crystal rock chandeliers, French and Flemish arras, golden stuccoes, Chinese lacquers and frescoes. The visit also runs trough the biggest armory in Europe that boasts a collection of complete armors, swords, king and emperor’s revolvers, and a fairy-tale shaped ball room, where you would gues the access granted only to Cinderella and Prince Charmy… but you will be with them in one hour of true day dreaming.

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