Dal 27 Ottobre 2018 al 25 Febbraio 2019 – ALBA 

The exhibition “From nothing to the dream. Dada and Surrealism from the Collection of the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum “, imagined by Marco Vallora according to an exhibition logic that reflects the surrealist suggestions, in the way of presenting the works and conceiving an art that is no longer just museum and drowsy, will take place at the Ferrero Foundation of Alba, from 27 October 2018 to 25 February 2019. In a dozen sections, with compelling titles, such as the zero degree of Dada art; Il Sogno, Eros, amour fou, erotic transgression; The unconscious, the double, the uncanny; Art and nature, the reinvention of man; Sade, Freud, Marx, disquieting muses of surreal living; Is there a surrealist architecture? and so on … they pursue, in a sort of ghost corridor of the avant-garde fantasy imagery, works of the highest level and impact. Some also well recognizable, because they have become covers of volumes, which we all love, in our bookstores (by Man Ray, Magritte, Dalí, Max Ernst, etc.). The works dialogue with each other, in tune or counterpoint, and follow a predominantly thematic progression with attention to the diachrony of the events.

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