We are a group of professional and licensed guides. Through our guided tours you'll see Turin's magic atmosphere unveiled: a baroque hearth, marvelous squares and palaces, the mysticism and mundanity of its churches: the Duomo, Saint Laurence, Saint Charles and Saint Christine, Superga's Basilica and the Consolata. We'll bring you to worldwide unique museums: the Noble College hosting the Egyptian Museum, the Mole Antonelliana with the National Cinema Museum, Carignano's Palace with the National Risorgimento Museum, the Royal Palace, true core of Savoy's family dinasty with monumental apartments. We'll also have the chance to visit less- known museums (yet filled in surprises!) like the Civic Museum of Antique Art in Madama's Palace, the Pietro Micca's Museum with underground galleries. If you're willing to explore the surroundings, we'll be happy to escort you discovering the marvels of our Region: we'll be unveiling for you the Royal Residences of the so-called “Crown of delights”, jewels with no comparison in the world and Unesco World Heritage since 1997, with the possibility to have pleasant tastings with gastronomic delights and great wines, in an immersion into the fascinating atmosphere of Turin's hills or in the impressive landscape of Langhe and get to know the treasures of the ancient Alp's passages.

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Travel dates back to antiquity where wealthy Greeks and Romans would travel for leisure to...

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